D.I.Y. Distressed Denim

Though I work in the fashion industry, I’m surprisingly a pretty conservative spender when it comes to clothes. I would spend $200 on salty snacks and candles, but never on a pair of jeans. For that reason, about a year ago I followed a tutorial on how to distress your own denim. As easy as it appeared, there are so many ways to do this wrong. You guys know by now that bloopers are kinda my thing.

First of all, I’m not going to sit here and do my own tutorial when Lord knows it would be a disaster. I definitely don’t want to be responsible for ruining your denim. I will, however, give you three pointers that I should’ve followed myself.

  1. Practice on an old pair of jeans. It would really stink if your favorite jeans ended up in the pile of unwearable items that you just can’t seem to part with (we all have those).

2) Don’t use stretch-denim. In my humble opinion, it looks pretty terrible. It also doesn’t rip and fray the same way that genuine denim does.

3) Don’t do this AT ALL if you are a perfectionist. If you’re kinda dorky and love all things symmetrical like I do, you might find it difficult to get that naturally distressed look. It’s super important to not be a stickler for strategically placed rips in order for the jeans to look “organic”.

As expected, I made all three of these mistakes. These were one of my favorite pairs. These are stretch-denim. I am a perfectionist. I was incredibly unhappy with the results when I first finished them. However, I will say that after throwing these back on a year later, I kinda dig them. So not a total waste of time!


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