My Newborn Must-Haves: Part 2

I promised you guys a “Part 2” to my Newborn Must-Haves and I finally got around to it. Here are my final 5 products that have made mom-ing just a little bit easier these past few months.

Carter’s Sleep Bags
While I prefer my house to feel like an oven, my husband likes arctic cold temperatures. We’ve settled at an unhappy medium of 69 degrees for the nighttime. Personally, I still find it freezing and I’m always worried that Sophie is cold too. She doesn’t like to be swaddled anymore and loose blankets always pose the danger of suffocation. I was thrilled to stumble upon these “sleep bags” from Carter’s. I layer these right over her long-sleeve pajamas every night to keep her nice and toasty (and then I run downstairs and sneakily raise the thermostat one degree). They’re inexpensive, ultra-soft, fleecy, and warm. The best part is the single zip which allows me to easily get down to her PJ’s and then diaper for nighttime changes. Mine are suitable for 0-9 months! I have three of them in constant rotation and totally regret not buying a few more. Seriously, a must-have. Carter’s website seems to have a very limited selection, but you can find them at, Babies”R”Us, and Kohl’s. I prefer these to the gowns because of the closed bottom that keeps the heat in.

Keekaroo® Peanut Diaper Changer
My coworker who had her baby several months before I did recommended this fabulous changing table. Unlike traditional tables, this one doesn’t require any liners, sheets, etc., which saves money and makes cleanup a breeze! The material is designed to limit bacteria growth/mold, and you can literally just wipe it down in case of a diaper blow-out. Baby never slips or slides as the shell is durable, soft, cushiony, and resistant to tearing or peeling. It also boasts the below:6301933272011m
– Latex-FREE
– Phthalate-FREE
– Formamide-FREE
– Non-Toxic
I will say that I had a bit of trouble getting my hands on this changer, as several colors are consistently out of stock (grey!!!). I had to check several online stores until another coworker, who was also expecting at the time, found a few left on I highly recommend pre-ordering yours way before baby is due if you’re interested in one.

Coconut Oil
81mhmzu2jyl-_sy450_There’s a reason that coconut oil makes an appearance on every food, mommy, and skincare blog. It is one of the most versatile products in the world! Our generation is super health-conscious so the fact that it’s all natural is a huge bonus. Coconut oil has been my best friend since pregnancy where it quickly cleared up a terrifying rash that broke out on my belly. Since then, I use it for almost every skin-related issue that I come across. Sophie’s patches of severely cracked skin on her hands and feet when she left the hospital? Coconut oil. Super scaly skin on my own legs from the winter cold? Coconut oil. Excruciating pain on my nips from nights of endless nursing? OMG, thank God for coconut oil! It was one of the only reasons that I didn’t give up on breastfeeding. So you get the idea. Coconut oil!!!

Aquatopia® Bathtime Safety Easy Kneeler
So here’s an interesting tidbit. I totally thought this item would go on my list of wasteful purchases (coming soon). It only took a couple of bath-time sessions without it to change my mind. Sophie was pretty much indifferent about the bath at first, but now that she loves it, I let her sit and play in the water for as long as she likes (within reason). The issue with this is that my knees are absolutely killing me by the time she’s ready to come out. After I’d had enough, I brought this baby out and what a relief! It’s made of a soft, cushiony neoprene material that’s actually quite comfortable. It stays in place (thanks to the no-slip base and suction cups) and dries pretty quickly—I just throw it right over the towel rack. There are also compartments to hold soaps and such, but I honestly don’t use them. It’s just nice to have all that extra padding under my arms and knees. I can finally enjoy watching my little water baby have a good time.

11350751_10100769610890738_5163226098534807710_nLast, but certainly not least, I highly advise that you learn to exercise patience PRIOR to giving birth. I know it seems like a no-brainer, but you really won’t understand the magnitude of this advice until baby is here. The first few days (and maybe even weeks) at home are going to be rough—I can almost guarantee that. But with a little patience, you can and will get through it.

On a similar note, friends, family, colleagues, doctors, and even strangers will try and tell you how to parent. You can be selective about who and what to listen to, or you can tune them all out completely. Just don’t lose your head like I have (and continue to do) on so many occasions. You are the parent, and others often need to be reminded of that. So politely (and patiently) remind them. You know what’s best for your child, even if it’s your first. It’s pure instinct. If you need advice, by all means, ask for it. But if you feel that you don’t, that’s fine too. The problem is that you’re going to get it anyway. They come from a completely different time than you do. They’ve had completely different experiences. Point blank: they’ve done things differently. Patiently, hear them out. Patiently, let them know that things are done differently now. Patiently, let them know that YOU, as the parent, are choosing to do XYZ in the way that YOU feel is right for your child. They have every right to disagree with you, and you have every right to continue doing things your way. By exercising patience with both yourself and with others, relationships won’t be destroyed in the process. You and baby will both be better for it!


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