Diapering & The Honest Company Review

unnamed-4Diapering can quickly end up being one of your biggest expenses when it comes to your little one. The fun part about being pregnant was all the free samples of diapers I received. Whether it was from the hospitals I was touring, the stores I was registering at, or simply random mailers, I was able to feel and compare so many different diaper brands among other baby products. While there were certainly many differences, I was resolved to go with whatever was most cost efficient (within reason). As long as they got the job done, I was happy.

The only brand that I had to do any work to get samples of was The Honest Company. If you log onto their site, you can request a free “Discovery Kit” (pay $5.95 for shipping) which gives you 7 diapers and 10 wipes to try. At the time, I was so overwhelmed with samples that I don’t think I appreciated the quality of what I received (spoiler alert: I soon would). Lucky for me, between all of my samples and gifts from my baby shower, I had over a month’s worth of diapers and I really didn’t need to buy anymore anyway.

In Sophie’s first few weeks at home, we tried Pampers, Luvs, Huggies, and The Honest Company. Aside from Luvs which would constantly leak, each brand had something that I liked. I love that Pampers and Huggies have the line that changes color to indicate when the diaper is wet. I did prefer the softness and stretchiness of Huggies, but we had two diaper blowouts that were not contained very well. We never had a leakage issue with Pampers or The Honest Company, so I knew I could continue with either brand going forward.unnamed-5

A few weeks ago, The Honest Co. was advertising 40% off of your first bundle. The diaper/wipes bundle normally costs $79.95 for a month’s worth of diapers (6 packs) and 4 boxes of wipes (72 ct. each). I paid $47.97 which, when broken down, comes to about 18 cents a diaper—technically even less because I’m not factoring in the wipes. On average, other brands range from 24 to 30 cents a diaper, so this was a total steal that I couldn’t pass up. I placed my order on a Monday night and, to my surprise, it arrived on Wednesday morning! Once I received my first bundle, I was hooked.

The Honest Company (left), Pampers (right)

First of all, even the box and packaging are impressive. The prints, as expected, are insanely adorable (you can choose up to 6). Though smaller than Pampers, The Honest Co.‘s diapers feel so much more substantial. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before. The padding is unbelievably soft and cushiony and thus far, we’ve had no leakage whatsoever. Every curve and crevice hugs baby perfectly. My one and only complaint is that there’s no color-changing wetness indicator. Sometimes I can’t even tell if she’s wet because these are so ridiculously absorbent. I guess that’s not exactly a valid complaint, lol. The wipes are just as wonderful. They are so much bigger and thicker than most other brands that we often only need one wipe per change! I absolutely love that they aren’t soaking wet either—her tushy dries so much faster! We were already using Pampers sensitive wipes because Sophie’s prone to diaper rash. The fact that these plant-based wipes don’t irritate her skin is amazing. I am head over heels for these products!

Going back to pricing for a minute, I realize that $80/month is a little steep, but 1) the quality is seriously unmatched and 2) it breaks down to about 27 cents per diaper which is right unnamed-8within the average cost of other brands. You never have to leave your house, and you can go right online to change your prints, sizes, and delivery date whenever you please. You can also refer friends to join and get a $20 credit to your account! With that said, please use my link if you’re looking to sign up. The Honest Company is, once again, running their 40% off promotion for your first bundle (code: FLASH). This is such a great deal for quality, eco-friendly diapering with no harmful ingredients. The best part is seeing your little one’s tushy covered in French toast and coffee cups.


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