#preggoproblems: Growing Pains

Here they are! I didn’t think I was going to post my growth pictures, but I know my family and friends were anxious to see them. I guess a little belly and boobage never killed anyone. My one regret is that I didn’t wear the same outfit for each shot … O.C.D., I know.

It’s funny to look at these images now. I think I’ve always had a little ponza as it is, but it’s incredible how much I’ve grown over the last nine months. I actually think I lost a little weight for month two, but put it right back on by month three (must’ve been all those gingersnap cookies). There is absolutely no question that I did most of my growing in the third trimester. My bump basically doubled in size! I do consider myself very lucky though. Despite all of the hardships of the past nine months, I am fortunate enough to have only gained belly weight. Hopefully it’ll come right back off, but no unrealistic expectations here.

At a little over 37 weeks, I’ve gained about 27 lbs. No complaints in that department! I’m waddling like a penguin and super uncomfortable, but I suppose that’s par for the course. I know everyone says not to rush and enjoy this time, but I think they forgot how horrific the third trimester is, lol. I’m ready for Baby Cawley to make her appearance and not-so-secretly hoping that she doesn’t feel like waiting the full 40 weeks either. We shall see. Whatever the case, I’m BEYOND excited to meet her!!!


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