A Wedding, A Flat & A Little Red Dress


Oh, what a night. Yesterday, we attended a friend’s wedding at a super unique venue. 632 on Hudson is actually a private home that is filled with stunning artifacts from all over the world. On every floor (and there are MANY) you’ll find something new and unusual. Apparently, the owners rent the quirky space out for all kinds of private events. The location was just stunning, and I would’ve gotten way more pictures if the place wasn’t packed with guests. More importantly though, there was pizza, Chipotle, rice krispy treat towers and giant donuts in fun flavors (coconut, pomegranate, etc). It was delightful! It was so different from any other wedding we’ve ever attended and for that, I think we’ll always remember last night … not to mention because of what happened immediately after. Continue reading if you’re interested.

So, we left around 11:00 PM, hoping to get home by midnight (preggo was exhausted, hubby was tipsy). When I tried to pull out of our parking spot, the car didn’t seem to be moving. Turns out, we got a flat tire. Perfect timing, eh? We called our roadside assistance and, to make a long story short, a tow truck came THREE HOURS LATER. I can’t tell you how bad my back and neck hurt after sitting in the car for so damn long. James went back and forth between a bar and the car during all this time, but I just wasn’t having it. Plus, I don’t know how I feel about hanging out in a bar while pregnant. I certainly wasn’t in the mood for judgemental stares.

After getting towed to a 24-hour tire shop, getting a new tire installed, and making our way back to Jersey, we got home right around 4:00 AM. I swear I don’t think I’ve seen those hours since my early twenties. I thought I was a rebel just for staying awake until midnight! (sigh) Needless to say, I’ve been exhausted all day. There are two things to be thankful for. 1) I had a mother-to-be massage already scheduled for this morning which was TOTALLY worth waking up for. 2) I got a couple of great pictures in my fabulous maternity cape dress from last night. It’s definitely the prettiest I’ve felt while pregnant … and to think that it took over 36 weeks to feel it! The countdown is on, baby!


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