Our Love Story

Here is the beautiful, quirky and uncensored story of how my husband and I met. It’s a long one so either grab some popcorn and pace yourself or kindly keep it moving. xo



Six years ago, my now-husband and his mom walked into the optical shop where I was working as a sales associate. One thing to know about James is that when he walks into a room, he makes his presence known. On that day, he was his usual self, asking aloud if anyone was going to help him or just continue playing on their cell phones. Amused and taken aback, I approached him and said I could assist him. Little did I know, the next hour or so would change my life forever.

As I helped him pick out frames, giving him my honest opinion on what looked good and what looked too feminine (which both amused and annoyed him), I was completely in awe of his unique personality. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so … I don’t know … charmingly presumptuous? He’s absolutely hysterical, but to those who aren’t expecting his level of self-assuredness, brutal honesty, and biting sarcasm, it can be a little off-putting. I can’t remember what nonsense he spewed as he simultaneously flirted and offended me, but I remember a whole lot of laughter. It was genuinely the most fun I ever had trying to close a sale.

While we were able to pick out a few options, he wanted to shop around before committing to any of them (pun intended). As he left the store, I thought nothing of it. Customers walked out all the time, so I wasn’t really banking on his return. Imagine my surprise when, not ten minutes later, Mr. Larger Than Life walks back in. He explained to me that he went to one of our competitors and, while the prices were a little better, the sales girl was a complete (insert inappropriate descriptor here). He said he’d much rather give me the business. I laughed and began the paperwork for his insurance claim and purchase. This point of the story is one that James loves to retell as it includes one of his famous one-liners: “You know my name and my social. I think we’re moving too fast!” Merciless flirt, I tell you. I finished ringing him up, gave him my business card and told him he could pick up his glasses in about an hour.

One thing I remember is how quickly that hour flew by. Before I knew it, he was back in front of me ready for pickup. As I brought the glasses out to him he said, “By the way, you never gave me your number.” Confused, I told him that the number of the store was right on the business card. He replied, “No, YOUR number.” This is the moment where Jennifer, the sales girl, left the room and Jennifer, the socially awkward fool, showed up. I uttered a pathetic “oh”, giggled like an idiot, and silently scribbled my cell phone number on the back of the business card, hoping no one took notice of my “fraternizing” at work. It was certainly one of the most eventful days that I ever had in that optical shop.

I honestly can’t remember the minor details such as when he actually called or what those early conversations were about, but clearly we hit it off. I do recall looking at his Facebook bio for the first time that night. In six years, I don’t think anything about it has changed other than his marital status. I remember reading, “If you don’t like my peaches, don’t shake my tree.” Awesome Sublime reference of course but, little did I know, this summarizes James’ entire being (more on that in a bit). Much later in our relationship, I found out that he thought I gave him a fake number that first day—I should note that there is an 800 in my number which is both awesome and inconvenient—so it’s a miracle that he ever bothered calling in the first place. I guess everything happens the way it’s supposed to.


We went on a couple of fun dates before he left for a long vacation in Italy. You would think that the relationship would’ve fizzled out considering it was still so new, but he surprised me by staying in contact throughout his whole trip. In fact, he wrote to me every day which I have to admit was one of the first things that won me over. ❤ When he finally returned (gifts for his new love interest in hand), he invited me to spend New Years with him to which I agreed. That night, old soul that he is, he asked me (not for the first time) to go “steady”. How could I take him seriously when literally no one talks that way anymore? Because he had already asked me the same question on multiple occasions with no satisfactory response, he assured me that this was the last time he’d ever ask me. Bossy much? Seeing that he was actually serious, I finally said yes. The rest, as they say, is history.

So basically, James is a man who gets what he wants 99% of the time. He is himself 100% of the time. He is the most honest person you will ever come across in your life and yes, it can be brutal. He is insufferably intelligent. Most importantly, he does not apologize for being any of those things. Not many people can say that. Those who aren’t fond of him don’t know anything about him other than his unapologetic nature. He is so much more than that.

I am truly a lucky girl. Yes, I have to deal with his abrasiveness which is difficult because I’m basically his polar opposite, but I also get to see parts of him that no one else ever has or will. He is one of the most thoughtful people I know. Despite what he portrays, his heart is (almost) always in the right place. He has taught me more about life in our six years together than I ever learned in school or from others in the course of my lifetime. He has his own way of doing things that is unlike anyone on this earth, I swear. He doesn’t exactly have a “soft side” but he can still nurture and love with the best of them. He’s an amazing person, a wonderful friend, an incredible husband, and I’m certain he will be a grade A father.

So on our first wedding anniversary, I’ve put our story into writing for the world to see, because I think it’s just as good as every great love story before it. “Here’s to us, here’s to love.” I adore you, James. Happy Anniversary! Let them eat cake!


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