Not Your Mother’s Hair Care

Though plenty of people swear by it, I was never a believer in dry shampoo. Never understood the hype. For me, it was just a guarantee that my head would look like it had a fresh coat of snowy dandruff until my next wash. Coworkers of mine recommended Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo, which supposedly doesn’t produce this gross residue (not sure if I believe them), but I was a little taken aback by the price tag. Don’t get me wrong—I’m willing to spend insane amounts of money on products that I believe in, but having had such bad luck with so many different brands already, I wasn’t prepared to shell out $26 and get stuck with a bottle that may or may not work for me. Instead, I did a little walking up and down the beauty aisle in my local grocery store and, on a whim, settled on Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. All I have to say about it is #YAAAS.


I’m not going to lie to you. After seeing label after label of different dry shampoos, I had no idea what to look for other than something I hadn’t tried before (which actually eliminated a bunch of options). What sold me on this particular one (aside from the friendly price point) was actually just the packaging: a simple and clean look gets me every time. I also loved the name—I know, I’m literally every marketing team’s wet dream.



All hail Snapchat’s excellent and unrealistic filters!

Anyhow, I absolutely love this stuff! I have ZERO white residue, a first for me with any dry shampoo. The smell is soft and pretty unlike other hair products which can be overbearing. Most importantly, it works for me. After I shake the can and spray, I sort of scrub my scalp with my fingers as if I was washing my hair. I actually prefer this method to brushing. I get this voluminous messy-but-clean look that I could never accomplish without this product. I’m totally satisfied. I highly recommend it if you’re like me and have to go long periods in between washes (FYI: my hair gets washed only once a week to prevent over drying, twice at the very most). This is the perfect mid-week fresher-upper.

PS: If you love fur babies, you’ll be happy to know that this product is not tested on animals. Bonus!


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