Birthdays & Babies

What a day! When I got home, I noticed a package in the mail from my aunt who lives in Virginia. Naturally, I assumed it was a little something for my 29th birthday—which is today in case any of you readers have prezzies you’d like to bestow upon me. ;] What I found inside, however, was so much better than a birthday gift.


Full disclosure: my hormones are absolutely insane because of the pregnancy. I mean, I’ve always been super sensitive and emotional, but now? Let’s just say that I WOULD cry over spilled milk (and I don’t even drink milk). Inside the box were a bunch of sweet things for my little girl. Not only are they adorable, but everything has a meaning behind it which she explained in her beautifully-written letter. While I won’t point out each and every detail, I will explain the things that really set off the waterworks.

When I was little, I was always gifted these little handmade ceramic figurines—for birthdays, holidays, you name it. I’m not sure why these were so popular, but I had hundreds of them. If you come from a Hispanic family, this was probably a “thing” in your home too. Anyway, the little Minnie Mouse in the box looked really familiar to me. After reading the letter, I discovered that it was, in fact, one of my many figurines that somehow ended up in my aunt’s hands. She’s had it for all these years and thought it would be something precious to pass on to my daughter.

—Brief pause while I get some tissues.—

All better! As you all know by now, I love books. In fact, the very first (and second and third) thing I bought my baby were books. My aunt has added two love-themed reads to baby’s quickly-growing library. She reminded me that when I was younger and practicing math, she, my grandmother and I would always “calculate” who loved each other most. “I love you to infinity,” “I love you to infinity squared,” and “I love you to infinity to the infinity-ith power” were all common phrases between us. Thus, she thought it was a beautiful idea to carry on that theme of infinite love to the little one. Heart. Actively. Melting.

Finally, she read my mind and got me a motherhood journal which I CANNOT wait to start using. I’ve actually been wanting one for a while, but gave up on the idea when I realized that I’m halfway through my pregnancy already. After skimming through this one and realizing that I haven’t forgotten a single detail so far, I’m so thankful that this was in her package. So simple, so thoughtful and so incredibly important for the one day when I can’t remember this momentous time in my life.

So, a big big BIG thank you to my beautiful Aunt Neda for such an incredible birthday surprise whether the timing was planned or not. I love you to the moon and back times infinity. ;] 28 was an incredible year between my wedding, new house and news of baby, but I feel like 29 is already off to a spectacular start!



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