The Taker Trilogy by Alma Katsu

One year ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Alma Katsu, the writer of one of my all-time favorite trilogies, The Taker. I was so nervous reaching out to her for an interview, afraid she’d either completely ignore me or laugh in my face. You can guess my surprise when she responded that she would love to answer some of my questions (cue squeals of delight)! You can read said interview here.

I must say—after having finished the final book, The Descent, several months ago and slacking on writing my review—I am still in total admiration of this woman and her way with words. The story as a whole was incredible, imaginative and surprisingly believable, despite its supernatural elements. More importantly, she paints such a tangible picture with her words. I knew the characters. I could envision what they looked like, felt the emotions they were feeling and saw their surroundings right in front of me. It’s such a gift when a writer has the ability to create that connection between reader and character. It’s a story that I know I’ll read more than once, and that’s really saying something. I felt like a total fan girl when she sent me an ARC of the book before it hit stores. My boyfriend (now fiancé), who is completely clueless when it comes to literature, said I looked like someone gifted me a million dollars the day it came in the mail. They might as well have because I was just as thrilled. I highly recommend Katsu’s trilogy. It’s a story you pray will never end. ❤

P.S. Hi Alma! 🙂


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