The Matched Series by Ally Condie


I have mixed feelings about this series. When I picked up the first installment, Matched, I was absolutely hooked. I loved the overall feel of the book—very Divergent-esque, but with it’s own unique setting. I love any dystopian/coming-of-age story that I come across and at first, this book was no different. The main character, Cassia, is your typical timid-turned-bold heroine. Then, of course, you have her “match” Xander. He is the charming, outgoing and witty guy that everyone loves to be around. Throw in a second, unexpected love interest—a quiet, but artistic and intelligent Ky—and you have a recipe for a perfectly imperfect romance!

The gist of the story is that the government (known in this series simply as “The Society”) controls everything: what you eat, where you work and even who you marry. Scary, I know. For the most part, it actually seems to work out … until it doesn’t. Boom! There’s your story, lol. Like I said, I loved the first book—particularly because of the characters and the concept—but the rest of the books did nothing for me.

Book two, Crossed, has a lot of traveling, scenery and not much else. I kept wanting something to happen, but it never did. I was so disappointed. By the time I got to the third book, Reached, I had already lost interest in the story. Despite the fact, I stuck with it and was happy to discover that there was much more action towards the end of it all. Still, it didn’t make up for the book and a half that I spent counting pages and cursing because I had so much left. I’ll say that the ending was nicely wrapped up. Not everyone lives and not everyone dies which is a happy balance for me, as a reader. To sum it up, the series had some serious potential (which is probably why there are rumors of a film adaptation already in the works—yay). I give it a 3 out of 5, mostly because the first book was so captivating.


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