#tbt – Word Vomit

A little blurb I wrote way back when …

I know what I need in a man. I want a man that will laugh so hard, he may wet his pants. He will have no shame in doing so. He will understand that it is okay to be silly, and when those times come around, he will act like a six year old at best. He will be unafraid to show love. His love will be consuming and ridiculous, but believable. He will see me as a friend first and as a lover at a close second. We will eagerly tell each other of our secrets and our fears, of our insecurities and our confidences. Our fights will be about the proper way to melt marshmallows and which season is best. We will wear coordinating outfits because it will make others cringe with distaste. We will drive all night with no place to go. We will love, hate, enjoy, detest, indulge and criticize together and in sync. We will run far to avoid all things not life threatening, but love threatening. We will make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without the peanut butter. We can both agree that it ruins the taste. We will collide. We will assimilate. We will forget what we even came for.


– JC.


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