Feeling Grinch-esque

Does anyone else feel more anxiety than excitement during the holiday season? I am literally the worst gift-giver on the planet. When it comes to presents, I have zero creativity. I’m not a mean girl, but I’m just not as thoughtful as I’d like to be. On the opposite end of the spectrum, everyone else seems to just KNOW what to get me … even when I don’t mention anything!

I know, I know, the holidays aren’t about the gifts we get and give. I just wish that (for once) I could look at so-and-so and say, “I know EXACTLY what I’m getting you this year.” Then so-and-so would unwrap said gift and say, “Wow, Jennifer! I’ve been wanting one of these. You’re so incredibly thoughtful and fabulous.” What ever happened to the simple and vain Christmas wish list? That fantastic little tool was a great aid to the terrible gifter. Santa, help a girl out bro!


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