The Host by Stephanie Meyer

I finished The Host and absolutely loved it, particularly the last 200 pages. What an imaginative story! It had everything I wanted in a book—love, hate, action, suspense, misunderstanding, acceptance, self-discovery, everything! It was so good that I immediately had to watch the movie once I finished. That’s when things turned sour. Just like the Twilight series, the movie adaptation of The Host lacks all of the amazing-ness that the book contains. The scenes I looked forward to the most were completely minimized, if not gone altogether. And how about that ridiculous, all-too-perfect cave with the square “windows” and a modern office stuck right in the middle of it? The whole thing felt rushed, like producers were just racing to milk the cash cow that is a good story. Stephanie Meyer, quit selling yourself (and your stories) short! You’re a beautiful writer and deserve beautiful movies to compliment your work. Take a tip from The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.


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